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NATF Now Accepting Corwin Award Nominations

Previous recipients include Marjorie van Halteren, Orson Welles and Charles Potter

National Audio Theatre Festivals has opened the online nomination platform for the 2019 Corwin Award for Excellence in Audio Theatre.

The award recognizes living contributors to U.S. radio drama and audio theatre. A legacy version of the award also honors deceased individuals worthy of the recognition, NATF says.

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Its first recipient was eponymous, honoring radio drama director and writer Norman Corwin on his 100th birthday — May 3, 2010. Corwin died the following year at 101 years old.

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The other Corwin Award recipients are:

  • 2011: Tom Lopez and Yuri Rasovsky
  • 2012: The Firesign Theatre (Phil Austin, Peter Bergman, Phil Proctor and David Ossman)
  • 2013: Himan Brown (Legacy) and Charles Potter
  • 2014: Peggy Webber
  • 2015: Erik Bauersfeld and Orson Welles (Legacy)
  • 2016: Judith Walcutt
  • 2017: Great Northern Audio Theatre’s Brian Price & Jerry Stearns Stan Freberg (Legacy)
  • 2018: Marjorie van Halteren

Nominations can be submitted now through March 15.