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New Codes Shouldn’t Be a Big Deal to Implement

For DAS and Sage users, updates are mostly a matter of settings

We told you about the FCC’s proposal to add new event codes to the EAS system for extreme wind and storm surge situations.

We heard back with a question from the field about whether this expected rule change would require new hardware vs. a software update, and whether there would be a cost to stations if approved.

We asked several EAS manufacturers.

At Sage Alerting Systems, President Harold Price told us, “Our products have always had the ability for users to add new event codes in the field. Users would update their settings file and upload it to their ENDEC, there is no hardware or firmware change needed from Sage, and nothing needs to be purchased from Sage. The only cost to the Sage user is their time to make the change and upload it.”

At Digital Alert Systems, Senior Director, Strategy & Global Government Sector Ed Czarnecki said, “With our v3.0 software, this is a very minor configuration item for DASDEC users. V3.0 means that DASDEC users would not need any additional software update for these new event codes.”

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