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New Monitor Line From ADAM Audio

Redesigned transducers at the heart of SX powered speaker line

From Germany’s ADAM Audio comes a new line of powered speakers, the SX Series. The SX Series features ADAM’s a redesigned HexaCone woofer to accompany ADAM’s equally redesigned X-ART ribbon tweeter.

The series launches with six distinct models — two-ways and three-ways. The two-ways are the S1X and S2X. The S1X has a six-inch HexaCone woofer while the S2X mounts a seven-inch HexaCone woofer.

The three-way S3X and S4X offer horizontal and vertical versions which differ more than the usual driver reorientation.

The vertical S3X-V has a four-inch mid-range Hexacone driver with a nine-inch HexaCone woofer while the S4X-V has dual five-inch mid-range HexaCone drivers with a 12-inch HexaCone woofer.

The horizontal S3X-H has a four-inch mid-range Hexacone driver but uses dual seven-inch HexaCone woofers while the S4X-H has a single five-inch mid-range HexaCone driver and dual nine-inch HexaCone woofers.

All of the SX series use Class A/B amplifiers for each driver, offer two-band EQ control and have XLR inputs.