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New Zealand’s World FM Expands Coverage

World FM, Sunshine Radio and Shed FM combine under "Broadcast 41 South" banner

SysOp Solutions, the owner of World FM, broadcasting in the north Wellington area since 2005, has announced the purchase of Sunshine Radio and Shed FM.

Sunshine Radio and Shed FM broadcast from three sites that cover most of the top of the country’s South Island, including Blenheim, Nelson, Richmond, Motueka and parts of Golden Bay.

Combining under the “Broadcast 41 South” banner, World FM, Sunshine Radio and Shed FM will share programming content and marketing resources. SysOp Solutions CEO Chris Mackerell said the new stations would complement the “highly successful World FM audience and that he looked forward to providing an advertising platform attractive to local business across central New Zealand.”

It is possible to stream Sunshine Radio and Shed FM online.