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Percentage of Female PDs Called Unchanged in a Decade

Percentage of Female PDs Called Unchanged in a Decade

“It’s still hard to find women program directors at American radio stations,” says the group Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio.
It issued a Gender Analysis Summary based on MStreet Publications data and said women were programming only 1,107 radio stations or 10.6% of the 10,449 stations in the database.
“The ratio is even lower for the 123 groups which own 12 or more stations,” it continued. “Women program only 437 or 9% of those 4,877 stations. In the top 100 markets, women program 208 or 8.8% of 2360 stations.”
Director of Radio Operations for Access 1 Communications Joan Gerberding said that since 1995, the percentage of female PDs “has basically remained flat at an underwhelming 8 to 10%. With over 50% of all radio station formats skewing to female listeners, we really can’t understand why more women are not encouraged to fill the PD role.”