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Pomona Debuts Broadcast Line, XLR Connectors

Pomona Debuts Broadcast Line, XLR Connectors

Following on the heels of the introduction of its broadcast line, cable manufacturer Pomona Electronics debuted its XLR connectors, featuring a clamping mechanism that withstands 100 pounds of pull without disconnecting the cable. Gold contacts and black nickel coating are offered to reduce reflection, as is a latching mechanism for more secure connections. The connectors also are available on 10-25-foot cable assemblies made with Belden 1172A four-conductor Star Quad low-impedance cables.
Pomona’s broadcast line includes cable assemblies that ship plug-and-play-ready with the option of adding markings or customer logos. “As the broadcast market has migrated to HD and other forms of digital signals, the demand for high-quality connectors and cable assemblies has grown dramatically,” said the company’s Product Manager Dwight Hyland.
Pomona Electronics broadcast equipment is available from most general electronics and broadcast specialty distributors.
For more information, contact the company in Washington at (800) 490-2361 or visit