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Powell Holds Firm on June Ownership

Powell Holds Firm on June Ownership

FCC Chairman Michael Powell is sticking to his self-imposed deadline of June 2 for releasing new media ownership rules. In response to letters from several members of Congress earlier this week who urged the agency take more time, Powell said he feels “especially obligated to complete the proceeding” given Congress’ prior rebuke for tardiness in the last review.
“Getting it right is more important than just getting it done,” he stated in his response. He’s convinced the more than 18,000 comments submitted on the topic is a sufficient record.
“I would highlight that the public interest is presently being ill-served by a body of rules that have been severely wounded and rendered substantially ineffective by withering judicial fire. Survival demands action,” wrote Powell.
House Commerce Committee Chairman Rep. Billy Tauzin, R-La., commended Powell’s stance and urged fellow commissioners to support the effort “to reject calls to delay the process. This omnibus rulemaking is not an option – it is an obligation.”