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“Best of Show” Up Close: WinMedia WinSales

A conversation with Jesus Vazquez Miguel

Radio World Best of Show Award 2020 logo

“Best of Show” Up Close is a series of Q&As with participants in Radio World’s annual springtime Best of Show Awards program.

Winmedia nominated its winSales system. We asked Jesus Vazquez Miguel, international sales manager, for more information.

Radio World: What is winSales and what is its targeted application?

Jesus Vazquez Miguel: WinSales facilitates advertising management for radio, TV and advertising agencies.

Jesus Vazquez Miguel
Jesus Vazquez Miguel

Fully integrated with the winMedia playout system, WinSales can also easily be interfaced with most playout systems currently in the market. Therefore it is a major asset for sales and financial teams as well as a very powerful monitor tool for management, to follow the evolution of the turnover or the invoicing cycle of the different projects.

WinSales is intuitive. It makes it possible to respond in real time to market issues. It includes a calendar of events to anticipate and create special offers. The sales manager can organize suitable and targeted advertising offers.

RW: What sets it apart from similar offerings in its product class?

Vazquez Miguel: WinSales is the only product in its range that is able to send the content scheduled within the platform directly into the dedicated slots of the playout system.

In other words, when an advertising campaign is booked in winSales, in one click, it can be sent into the playlist of the automation system.

WinMedia WinSales promo imageLastly, winSales bridges the gap between the sales and production. The customer can provide the media corresponding to his campaign. In that case, the audio or video file will automatically be inserted in the playlist. If the media is not provided at this stage of the booking, the playout will generate a production sheet in which the audio will have to be added.

RW: What are the benefits of a “secured extranet”?

Vazquez Miguel: The WinSales offers a secured connection to the main server, an end-to-end encrypted connection, but also cloud data backup on multiple servers.

RW: In light of the pandemic, what kind of remote capabilities does it offer?

Vazquez Miguel: In these unprecedented times, we really have to work on improving the ability of our customers to go through their whole day-to-day workflows without being able to access their workspaces.

When we designed winSales years ago, we already had in mind that people’s ways of working were changing, and this is even more important when it comes to the various roles within the advertising space.

WinSales is a web-based platform; therefore, it can be used remotely from any type of device, from a computer, to a tablet or a smartphone in its responsive version, while offering the exact same capabilities as what a salesperson will get from being at his office.

For instance, he would have an extensive access to his sales catalog — advertising spots, sponsorship, events, packages, promotions, digital and social networks — and would be able to give availabilities and rates to his client in real time

RW: What does it cost?

Vazquez Miguel: The system starts from $300 (U.S.) per month.

RW: What else should we know about winSales or winMedia’s business these days?

Vazquez Miguel: In the era of uberization, winSales is fundamentaly the intermediary between the broadcasters and the advertisers, and provides a range of solutions in order to remove the stress and the admin on their daily basic workflows.

More than a website, winSales is a true market place where advertisers can simply upload the different products that are part of their catalog throughout the year, and where broadcasters can compose their campaigns as simply as by putting the different type of products they need in their baskets.

WinMedia is more than ever improving its products by transforming them to respond to the major need the world is facing at the moment: being able to work efficiently and deliver from anywhere. As a result, we offering more web-based and user-friendly interfaces, easy-to-set-up packages and a full offer of remote presentations.

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