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IQ2US Rebrands as “Open to Debate”

Intelligence Squared U.S. wants to convey “a more focused mission”

Media company Intelligence Squared U.S. is rebranding as Open to Debate.

The nonprofit organization, which seeks to address polarization in the nation and public discourse, produces a broadcast debate series heard in public radio and podcasts.

It said it wishes to convey “a new, more focused mission to address how historic levels of polarization are dividing our nation and how we can fix it … Open to Debate will use the framework of formal debate produced in a variety of innovative formats to serve as a national model for how we can combat echo chambers, information silos and the tribal mentality that is dividing the country.”

The announcement was made by Chairman Robert Rosenkranz and CEO Clea Conner. Rosenkranz was quoted in the announcement saying “A healthy democracy needs citizens who are open minded and willing to consider opposing views. It needs more critical thinking and less emotion.”

The first episode is titled “Are Men Finished and Should We Help Them.” Planned topics include carbon capture, book banning, constitutional originalism and journalistic objectivity.

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