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SiriusXM Pulls Plug on Traffic and Weather

Four channels had been left, covering eight urban areas.

Logo of SiriusXM 1st Traffic and Weather in the format of two highway signsSiriusXM has discontinued its weather and traffic channels.

Channels 133–136 carried “SiriusXM 1st Traffic & Weather” until the last day of February. New York had its own channel, as did Los Angeles; and there were two combo channels, one for Boston/Philly/Washington, the other for Chicago/Detroit/Dallas-Ft. Worth.

Radio World has confirmed with a source that the four channels have been discontinued, with the company planning to use them for other programming. The company did not issue a comment on the decision.

The shutdown was the topic of a thread on Reddit. One person posted a YouTube video with the last few minutes of audio. At the 12-minute mark, an announcement comes in, “This channel is no longer available.” (You can listen here.)

It was 2004 when Sirius and XM Satellite Radio, separate companies at the time, launched traffic and weather channels, according to Radio World coverage at the time. They provided reports from numerous major markets.

The companies merged in 2008. Over the years the weather and traffic services changed and channels consolidated. A 2014 channel guide online shows nine services, including Canada.

In 2017, according to Inside Radio at the time, SiriusXM pulled the plug on the eight remaining channels, but restored them after customer complaints and then cut the number of channels to four.