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Skyview Highlights Record Number of Broadcasts

A busy sports season for the audio technology company

Skyview Networks is calling attention to its broadcast capacity by citing its sports broadcast activity this fall.

“Over the past three weeks, [our] Technical Operations Center facilitated a record number of broadcasts with nearly 710 games aired across MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and NCAA football,” the organization said in a press release.

“With the largest team partner roster in Skyview history, and many of its MLB partners advancing to the postseason, the operations department successfully managed more than 3,500 broadcast hours through its distribution, inventory management and production platforms.”

Skyview is an audio technology, syndication and network audio sales solutions company; it is based in Scottsdale, Ariz. It said that the recent addition of more partners and an unusual overlap of sports seasons coming out of the pandemic required it to make several internal operational adjustments including streamlining its distribution technology. 

It also announced promotions of team members Art C De Baca III, Bryan Titus, Richard “Rickey” Sams and Ryan Ricci.

Ryan Ballard is the organization’s senior VP of operations, engineering and technology.