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RW’s Flavor of the Show

Pictures from the show floor.

Photos and captions by Radio World photographers Jim Peck, Bob Kovacs and Mary Ellen Dawley.


The Samson Meteor is a USB microphone that can be plugged into an Apple iPad for field recording. It looks seriously cool, and costs only $100. (An earlier version of this caption misidentified the microphone manufacturer.)

Colt Seman of Camtrol (standing) walks the aisles of NAB with his service dog, Alya-Bird.


Jeff Touzeau from Hummingbird Media demonstrates Sennheiser’s MK4 large diaphragm condenser mic.

International Datacasting’s president, Fred Godard and executive director business development for the Americas, Diana Cantu´, talk to Luis Herna´n Moreno Gonza´lez from Carocol Radio in Colombia at the IDC happy hour.

Bob Orban keeps astounding listeners year after year after… here he is adjusting an 8500v2. Hey Bob, if you’re bored do you want to make me sound better, too?

Ben Dawson (Hatfield and Dawson Consulting Engineers, Seattle) was wearing this belt buckle at the NRSC meeting. I asked him the story…It came from a decommissioned RCA transmitter rack in Portland, OR (“the only REAL Portland”, I was chastened when i naively asked which one) circa 1963.


Kazutaka Noda of Stereo Sound in New York takes a closer look at Shure’s iconic microphone head designs.

Jochen Richter of VCS (R) demonstrates the company’s Dira!NG (digital radio – new generation) automation software for Michael Asgian of Shoutpoint.

Michael T. Synnott is a voice talent with ‘pipes’ from He tested several of the mics at the Audio-Technica booth, but seemed to really like this one (see smile, unfeigned, pictured). The mic in question is a side address condenser, model AT4047

Every company has its corporate culture. COMREX based in Devens, MA is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary. The bass here belongs to John Anderson, an engineer with the company. It travels around (inside and out) the plant and has been known to appear in bushes outside windows in a snowstorm. Mr. Anderson did not come this year, but he sneaked the plastic fish in question into the show crates. It occupied a place of honor overseeing setup. It was sent back in the pool for temporary labor before the show opened.


Gabriel Casco (L), John Hartzell (C) and Peter Howarth do some final training on the AEQ Forum audio mixer late on Sunday afternoon.

Kris Bobo of Comrex tucks some cables out of sight for the Comrex Access display on the floor of the NAB. The show begins tomorrow morning.