Sadie Promotes PCM4 and PCM8

Sadie Promotes PCM4 and PCM8
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Sadie has unveiled two new products.
The PCM4 is a four-I/O, DSP-based system with 32 virtual tracks, modular faders, EQ, dynamics processing, reverb, routing to external processors or media storage devices, real-time Direct-X plug-in support and standard Windows 2000/XP networking.
The PCM4 supports up to 96 kHz/24-bit audio, one-button PQ editing, AIFF, WAV and BWF file support, three- and four-point editing with 50 undo/redo levels, 36 definable keys, breakpoint and dynamic editing which can stay within a clip and 32-bit floating point recording resolution as well as 16- and 24-bit. It supports four channels of analog electronically balanced inputs/outputs and two AES stereo digital inputs/outputs.
Also unveiled was the PCM8, an eight-channel version of the PCM4. It may be used for recording of live musicians, DDP images of in-house recording and music post-production.


Prism Sound LRX2 Adds DSP to SADiE LRX

Prism Sound says its LRX2 multitrack location recording workstation is suitable for producing location multitrack audio recordings for release on distributed media such as CD or DVD. The unit is based on the SADiE LRX, and adds extra DSP power and control surface enhancements, enabling the user to record up to 48 discrete inputs at 48 kHz/24 bit (or up to 32 tracks at 96 kHz/24 bit) from various dedicated input cards.