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Sage, GSS to Demo Multilingual EAS, CAP Alerts

NAB Show text-to-speech facilitates EAS in Spanish, French Canadian

Sage Alerting Systems is demonstrating its multiple language support at the NAB Show as part of the Global Security Systems’ CAP origination and dissemination demo in the WorldCast Systems booth, C2546.

Sage will demonstrate its support for CAP language-tagged info blocks, enabling its Digital ENDEC to display text and play attached audio in the language selected by the station, when that language is present in the CAP message. Sage will also show its text-to-speech conversion to audio for French (Canadian) and Spanish.

GSS, which specializes in CAP alert origination, satellite and Internet dissemination, as well as the RDS-based Alert FM system, will also demonstrate server-based text-to-speech, which enables various languages to be converted and the resulting audio attached to the CAP message.

The Sage ENDEC will have a live connection to Canada’s National Alert Aggregation and Dissemination system, which is a national system using the CAP-CP dialect of CAP. Sage says over 150 of its Digital ENDECs are utilized in Canada, using either the NAAD system or the province-based NetAlerts system.