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Sage Releases IPAWS Support Software

Demand expected to be heavy from users of its EAS gear

Sage users, heads up: Your software release for IPAWS support is now available.

Sage Alerting Systems EAS gear is used widely in radio; now Sage has released the software that will automatically configure users’ ENDECs for IPAWS, the federal Integrated Public Alert and Warning System, so that stations can poll the government’s IPAWS server the June 30 deadline for compliance with the Common Alerting Protocol.

The release is 1.1 version 88.

The company says that a user can simply load the firmware and the station’s Sage EAS hardware will start polling the FEMA server, “assuming, of course, that the station’s Internet connection is prepared for it.” The company says its hardware will give a user positive feedback that it is polling IPAWS even if FEMA has no messages to send at that time.

This is a busy time in the EAS world, with many stations looking to get into CAP compliance by the deadline. Anticipating heavy demand, Sage posted this note on its software release page: “This website is a finite resource. If everyone tries to download now, it won’t be pretty.” To help keep things moving, Sage asked users to “please read and follow the steps in the release notes carefully.”

The software release and help notes are posted here.

Separately, FEMA has increased the frequency of its required tests over IPAWS, to prepare stations for the June 30 deadline.