SBE 2007 Seminars Target People Skills

The Society of Broadcast Engineers announced its 2007 SBE Leader Skills Seminars.
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The Society of Broadcast Engineers announced its 2007 SBE Leader Skills Seminars.

This is a two-part series in cooperation with instructor Richard D. Cupka Sr., who has taught the seminars to broadcast engineering managers, supervisors and technicians for 40 years.

This year, Course I, "Leadership - The Framework of People Skills," will be held June 5-7 at the Holiday Inn Select-Airport in Indianapolis. SBE says it covers the function and nature of the leadership role; how to build stronger teams and effective internal cooperation; discovery of one's "natural" style; and how to nurture a "developed" style to help in adjusting to people in different situations.

Course II, "Leadership - Expanding Your People Skills" picks up where Course I leaves off and will be offered Aug. 7-9 at the same location.

Each course can accommodate 10 to 18 participants. Registration is $545. The deadline to register for Course I is May 2. A registration form is available at the SBE Web site.


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In conjunction with the SBE Chapter 20 Broadcast Equipment Expo, the Society of Broadcast Engineers will hold its National Meeting, Oct. 10-11, at the Radisson Hotel Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh ExpoMart in the eastern suburb of Monroeville, Pa.