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Barix Improves Reflector EVO Cloud Service

Also will introduce a hardware codec to pair with EVO

At the NAB Show, Barix is featuring Reflector EVO, which it describes as a next-generation cloud service for audio contribution and distribution.

 It improves on the original Reflector by adding “guaranteed absolute audio delay,” improved stream redundancy, browser-based confidence monitoring and Opus audio support, Barix states.

“The addition of Opus support provides broadcasters with a high-quality, bandwidth-efficient option to uncompressed PCM streaming and other compressed audio codecs that Barix continues to support in Reflector EVO.”

Barix is partnering with StreamGuys for virtual cloud hosting and full-time back-end support, providing a reliable and scalable service for unidirectional STL connections, syndication distribution and stream replication services such as rebroadcasts and retransmissions.

The company will introduce a broadcast-specific hardware codec to pair with the Reflector EVO service. Customers can use the same codec as an encoder and decoder. Neither fixed IP addresses nor firewall maintenance are required. Deployment is quick, with simple connections at the transmit (encoding) and receive (decoding) points.

Reflector EVO enables fixed end-to-end audio delay. Customers can configure encoding quality and the desired audio delay level of the receiving decoder, between three and 30 seconds, with seamless communication between each device from any global location. Primary and backup streams recover lost packets through redundant paths and multi-source switchover capabilities. 

Barix is in Booth C2835.

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