Sirius Sold at Target

Sirius Sold at Target
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Sirius Satellite Radios are now sold at more than Targets. Target will feature the Xact XTR1 "Stream Jockey" palm-sized Sirius satellite radio and related accessories. The Xact, priced at $149 including a universal kit for the car or home, is Sirius' smallest receiver. Target will also offer a boom box designed to work with the XTR1, and is including a $25 gift card with each purchase.
Mercedes-Benz is broadening its Sirius offerings. The automaker will offer Sirius factory-installed in select Mercedes-Benz 2005 model year vehicles. The Sirius Satellite Radio option being offered by Mercedes-Benz is specifically engineered for its vehicles, and is integrated into the head-unit. The list price is $699, including 14 months of Sirius service.