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Soundtap Plays Off of March Madness

It’s not quite a steel-cage-death-match tournament of stations

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So your school team didn’t make the NCAA “March Madness” basketball tournament. Maybe your college or favorite independent radio station can provide you something to cheer for in Soundtap’s Madness 2012.

Soundtap is a crowdsourcing portal aimed at college and independent stations and their listeners. Following, roughly, the format of the NCAA 68-team playoff, Soundtap Madness 2012 puts college radio stations and indie stations against each other one-on-one in an elimination tournament, arriving at a championship on April 1 with the two remaining stations.

Listeners wanting to participate must sign-up (or sign-in) to Soundtap, to gather the minutes for their choice or choices. The contesting stations range from big, state-supported schools to a handful of non-U.S. and community stations to “exiled” stations such as “KUSF in Exile,” formerly of the University of San Francisco.

The tournament begins March 15 and runs through April 1.