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Study: PPM Shows Mornings No Longer King

RDI ‘PPM Benchmarks’ study shows other dayparts get high tune-in too

PPM shows morning drive is no longer king.

Other dayparts, including nights and weekends attract equal, if not greater, amounts of tune-in, according to a new benchmark study of Arbitron PPM data by Annapolis, Md.-based Research Director Inc.

Among the findings: Some formats actually perform better on Saturday or Sunday than they do on the weekdays. Some formats even had a higher Monday-Friday 7 p.m. – 12 midnight reach than in mornings.

This study emphasizes the power of these time periods that are sometimes considered “throw-ins,” but have huge audiences and are of considerable value to an advertiser.

Overall, the daypart that reaches the most listeners 6+ is Monday–Friday, 3–7 p.m. 79.0 cume rating, followed by Saturday–Sunday 6 a.m–midnight (77.2), Monday–Friday 10 a.m.–3 p.m. (74.7), Monday–Friday 6–10 a.m. (67.7) and Monday–Friday 7 p.m.–midnight (59.7). Cume rating is the percent of a market’s population that tunes-in weekly. Of all listeners age 6 and older who tune to the radio on weekdays, 82% also listen on the weekend.

Research Director Inc. President Charlie Sislen said the study provides valuable insights for programmers, but also for anyone tasked with promoting the benefits of radio to advertisers.

RDI used data from 1,700 stations in 45 PPM radio markets for the study. The research firm averaged 13 monthly surveys for the study.

The study, entitled “How Is My Station Really Doing? The New PPM Benchmarks You Need to Know,” will be presented at the Arbitron Client Conference next week and also at a Dec. 15 webinar.