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Telos Adds Call Screening Option to TWOx12 Phone System

Telos Adds Call Screening Option to TWOx12 Phone System

Telos Systems is shipping its Telos Call Controller, an option for call screening and on-air control that has been added to the TWOx12, the company’s 12-line phone system for fast-paced talk show production. The Call Controller works with an analog telephone, and allows the user flexibility in their choice of screener phones.
Features include the switches and large control buttons found on the Telos Desktop Director, the control surface for managing calls in the TWOx12. Also included are Telos Status Symbols, animated icons displayed next to each incoming phone line that give hosts and screeners visual cues about line, caller and hybrid status.
Users can mix-and-match Call Controllers with Desktop Directors to customize control of the TWOx12. The Call Controller also supports the TWOx12’s Dual Studio Mode, which enables the assignment of control of one of TWOx12’s two hybrids to each studio. On-air lines can be shared between two separate studios, allowing use of one TWOx12 for simultaneous production of live and pre-recorded talk segments.
TWOx12 works with analog or digital telephone circuits. Remote talk show production is accomplished via LAN or WAN using the company’s optional Assistant Producer 3.5 call screening software.
For more information, including pricing, contact Telos Systems at (216) 241-7225 or visit