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Voodoo Offers Phone Ringtones Through Radio

Voodoo Offers Phone Ringtones Through Radio

Seems like everybody is getting into ringtones. Why shouldn’t radio?
Telephony technology provider RadioVoodoo recently deployed its VoodooTones services, which allows stations to offer music-based ringtones for mobile phones to their listeners.
According to the company, VoodooTones is an automated, customizable service provided free to interested stations. The stations can promote the service on the air, leading listeners to call the station and follow voice prompt instructions to reach a RadioVoodoo 800 number and buy a ringtone.
Each ringtone costs $1.99. Net proceeds are split between the company and station.
The system is marketed by Jones Radio Network. RadioVoodoo hopes to use the offering as a stepping stone to provide graphics, games and music to mobile phone users and is promoting VoodooTones as an opportunity for radio stations to break into using the Short Messaging Service (SMS) offered by mobile phone companies.