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Will Benefactors Resurrect Live365?

Update on website offers hope to some former devotees

Mysterious benefactors come forward? Long lost uncle died? Lucky lottery ticket found in the couch cushions?

Looks like Live365 might still be down, but maybe it’s no longer out.

The internet website — which announced its pending closure in December 2015 and officially shut down in February of this year — has shown signs of a pending resurrection.

The website now offers a minimal, but optimistic message:

“The fun isn’t over yet.

“Live365 will be right back. [email protected]

“Looking to start your Internet Radio station again? [email protected]

The streamer’s initial run lasted 17 years, which ended when it experienced financial problems that were compounded by the new rates set by the in 2015 Copyright Royalty Board. The streamer also had run up against the CRB in 2009.

Radio World has reached out Live365’s PR liaison for more information and will report on any further developments as they are announced.

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