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Will You Take the Frequency Coordinator Accreditation Pledge?

Will You Take the Frequency Coordinator Accreditation Pledge?

Frequency coordinators can now receive accreditation by SBE. The society has begun a no-cost, no-test accreditation program, it announced in its newsletter.
“Accreditation will give our hardworking, volunteer coordinators the opportunity to demonstrate they are part of a standards-based, nationally-recognized program of local voluntary broadcast-auxiliary frequency coordination,” it stated.
“At the same time, it will allow SBE to demonstrate to the broadcasting industry the widespread acceptance of a voluntary set of standards guiding local coordination.”
The society took pains to note that the voluntary accreditation program is not a form of SBE certification.
“SBE accreditation addresses commitment of the individual to the task of providing frequency coordination.”
An “Accreditation Pledge,” SBE said, “assures that consistent services will be provided.”
For information and an application form go here, then click on the Frequency Coordination link.