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WUSF Hopes to Be One of the First Non-Comms to Go Digital

WUSF Hopes to Be One of the First Non-Comms to Go Digital

One of the first non-commercial stations with the HD Radio bug is going public. WUSF(FM), the public radio station for the University of South Florida in Tampa and for west central Florida, has chosen Harris HD Radio equipment. The station will purchase Harris’ new HD Radio-ready Z-HD 12 FM Transmitter; DEXSTAR FM Exciter; Orban Optimod-FM 8400/HD/FM digital processor and other auxiliary digital transmission equipment.
“The station will be able to provide the next wave in digital technology to its listeners-a great service for a diverse university community,” said Dale Mowry, vice president of transmission systems for Harris’ Broadcast Communications Division.
The station is broadcasting in analog using a Harris HT FM transmitter, CD LINK and Digit CD exciter. When the HD Radio conversion is completed, WUSF will use the separate amplification model to broadcast both analog FM and IBOC digital signals and will be one of the first public broadcast radio stations to broadcast HD Radio.
“We believe that the CD-quality audio and datacasting capabilities
will be greatly appreciated and valued by our audience,” said JoAnn Urofsky, WUSF general manager. ”