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Zune HD Is Available for Pre-Order

Prices start at $219.99; Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart take orders

The Microsoft Zune HD portable digital media player is available for pre-order and is set to hit store shelves on Sept. 15.

This is the second portable device to include HD Radio; the first was the Insignia HD.

Users can hear multicast channels with the Zune, though not AM. It is an FM-only portable.

The player is available in capacities of 16 GB and 32 GB; estimated retail price is $219.99 and $289.99 respectively. It is the first touch-screen Zune and includes playback technology. The unit supports HD video playback, features WiFi and an OLED touch screen.

Buyers can pre-order Zune HD in 16 GB Black and 32 GB Platinum through from, Best Buy, Walmart and Microsoft.

Beginning Sept. 15, at, both 16 GB and 32 GB versions will be available in five colors with the option to customize the player with one of 10 engravings designed by guest artists.

Buyers can place a pre-order in person at Best Buy beginning Aug. 16. If you want a sneak peek, Best Buy promises it’ll be seen in stores on Aug. 22–23 in several major cities including New York, L.A., Atlanta, Boston, and Chicago.

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