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Trends in Visual Radio 2019

We return to the subject of visual radio in our February ebook

Video’s growing role is evident throughout the radio industry as more organizations redefine themselves as true cross-platform providers. Meanwhile, the role of video in podcasting is growing in importance.

We return to the subject of visual radio in our latest ebook. In this edition we ask broadcasters, our sponsors and other experts: What video trends are changing how radio people work with video and visuals? What questions are smart facility planners asking? Are there important technologies for video creators that readers need to know about, social media to explore, developing best practices to follow?

Hear from the likes of Norm Pattiz, Mike Henry, Alexandra Willis, Bill Keeler, Gary Kline, Travis Gilmour and other experts about their experiences combining visuals with audio for organizations like PodcastOne, Wimbledon, WIBX, The New World Symphony, “The Joe Rogan Experience” and more.

Access the ebook here.

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