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Welcome, 2017

Dan looks forward by looking back

Hope you had a great 2016, and welcome to the “next year.” Sometimes beginning with something new is better by reliving the past … so we’ll take a look at some historical websites, pictures and events to kickoff 2017.

Broadcast Pioneers
Out of Philadelphia comes the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia (a nonprofit organization). It has a long history and huge collection of material. Here’s their website which includes a lot of great information and links.

At one time, it was a big disadvantage being on UHF … but TV broadcasters today can really appreciate benefits of the smaller antennas in relation to mobile reception. This website is the history of the channels that were “an afterthought.” And, as we look at another loss of a big chunk of that upper UHF spectrum, will someday people ask, “What was UHF”?

A 1,000-Year-Old Computer?
If you haven’t seen this one about a couple of thousand years-old find, it’s fascinating. In 1900 divers off the coast of a Greek island found an ancient mechanical device that was so complex, it was later compared to a computer. Here’s the story.

1940s “Announcing”
Ever wonder why “announcing” in the 1940s had a funny, “weird old-timey” voice?; from actors in movies to newsreel announcers. Here’s a look into the reason.

The First Today Show
This is a video of the first 13 minutes of the first “Today” show from Jan. 14, 1952. It’s just fascinating and wonderful to see Dave Garroway and the technology and explanation. Gotta appreciate that “lavalier microphone” that’s “nearly invisible” on his lapel!

And finally …
A few pics “of the good old days”?

If you stumble across a good or unusual web site that might be of interest, please don’t hesitate to send me the link and any info you might have about it. My email address is [email protected].