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AEQ Updates Digital Field Recorder, Arena Console

AEQ Updates Digital Field Recorder, Arena Console

AEQ said it will come to NAB with several new offerings, thanks to recent investments in R&D.
They include the Arena Digital Console, based on the predecessor BC 2000 D. It includes presets, page swapping, a flexible monitoring selection system, programmable keys per channel and other improvements.
Live and Arrow Series are for remotes via VHF and UHF links. These products include portable tabletop transmitter suitable for vehicles, portable receivers and transmitters.
The PAW 120 Digital Field Recorder is based on the award-winning DR 100. Upgrades include built-in speakers, now with standard AA batteries, recording of linear audio, connection as a Windows external drive, built-in mic, optional stereo and XLR adapter for mics.
The Course Multi-Codec with 10 slot chassis now accepts POTS hybrids and IP cards. A free copy of the Course Real Time Control Software is shipped with purchase.
SYSTELSET is a Multi-conference Terminal for the new News Talk Systel 6000.
Also from AEQ is the DA-26 Analog Audio Distributor for one to 12 outputs or two inputs to six outputs in one rack unit. Each output has a level control. Galvanic isolation in inputs and outputs is through audio transformers.
And the Listener 8 Multiple AM/FM Radio Receiver is intended for recording and monitoring. A 2 rack unit can accomodate eight radio receivers, each of which has an independent output that can be controlled from the front monitor. Each receiver includes alarms.
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