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Belar Updates FMHD-1 Software

New tools and option for HD Radio delay correction module

Belar Electronics has announced the updating of the software for its FMHD-1 FM and HD Radio modulation monitor.

Version 6 is said to provide “broadcasters a clearer picture into overall performance,” with a series of dynamic graphics to more effectively capture and communicate modulation activity. This includes short-term activity such as peak-versus-time performance, as well as historical data graphing that demonstrates performance trends over longer time periods.” The release adds, “Overall, the new software release swaps out simple meters in favor of richly detailed, graphical information to help broadcasters better understand and maximize signal performance.”

The update also adds an Automatic Delay Correction module option, which enables “direct communication between the FMHD-1 monitor and the device containing the diversity delay in the broadcast air chain” for calculating and feeding delay “error information to the delay device, closing the loop and continuously maintaining the delay correction.”

Besides being viewable on the unit’s front panel, via Belar WizWin software, the improved tools are remotely available on desktop/laptop computers and mobile devices over IP.

Belar Electronics CEO Mark Grant said, “This new software update will help broadcasters more easily identify and solve problems in both the analog FM and HD Radio chain, at once eliminating labor-intensive manual adjustments and enabling remote connectivity to monitor performance from any location.”