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DAB Proponents Hail ‘Digital Britain’ Report

WorldDMB calls it a 'ringing endorsement'

The “Digital Britain” report is out and DAB proponents call it “more positive news for the digital radio industry” there.

The report has been in the works in recent months, as we’ve reported.

Advocacy group WorldDMB, which seeks to promote Eureka-147-based technologies, said that in releasing the report, the U.K. government “confirmed its policy commitment to making DAB digital radio the primary means of migrating from analog to digital radio.”

The report follows one by a working group in December that recommended steps towards the switch-off of analog radio as soon as 2017.

“Today’s U.K. government report endorses these steps for migration to digital radio and sets out its strategy for DAB to become the primary radio platform in the UK,” WorldDMB stated, calling the report a “ringing endorsement” for DAB digital radio.

It said sales of DAB receivers are strong in established markets, that new countries are joining including Australia and China, and that “France and Germany are rolling out the DAB family” this year and next.

The report also spells out creation of a Digital Radio Delivery Group to increase adoption of DAB receivers and it stated an intention to expand the BBC’s DAB network to match FM analog coverage, according to the WorldDMB summary.

The proponents also noted an announcement from the Digital Radio Development Bureau that sales of digital radios have reached 8.53 million in the U.K. and RAJAR audience figures show listening via DAB digital radio accounts for 11.4% of radio U.K. listening, with DAB ownership increasing to 35%.