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DAC Releases v1.3 of Its Monitoring System

New series of supported products and updated key features part of rollout

Switzerland-based DAC System has rolled out the latest version of its DAC Monitoring System, v1.3.

The system is designed to monitor radio frequency signals at an antenna input and at the power splitter/divider used for distribution.

As part of this new update, v1.3 offers support for new products and a number of new key features, enhancing the DAC Monitoring System for indoor applications.

Among the new supported products for v1.3 are the Indoor RF-Detector, the Temperature Detector for indoor application and the Indoor Junction Box 4.x, which connects sensors, Temperature and RF-Detectors.

The new version also offers support for the outdoor/indoor Sensor in the size of 3-1/8 inches, 4-1/2 inches and 6-1/8 inches.

New key features for the updated system include support for SNMP v2c and v3; enhanced alarm and system monitoring; support for Wi-Fi/WLAN hot spot functionality; a “Maintenance Mode” that suspends alarm forwarding; and the ability to scale the system from zero to 250 monitoring points per Data Logger.

The DAC v1.3 of its monitoring system is available now.