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Germany: Space Available on First Private National DAB+ Network

National German Radio says platform could reach more than 67 million; welcomes foreign companies

National German Radio GmbH is launching an international call for applications for the remaining slots of Germany’s first private nationwide DAB+ network.

Erwin Linnenbach is the CEO of National German Radio.

The organization says the platform will potentially reach more than 67 million people when it goes on air. They are also already planning a network expansion.

Antenne Deutschland tasked the Leipzig-based company with market placement of the remaining space. Interested parties can register on its website.

Antenne Deutschland will decide on allocation in June. The service will start in September and run for a 10-year period with an optional extension until 2040. The launch coincides with the international consumer electronics show IFA 2020 in Berlin.

“The new platform will decisively transform the private radio sector in Germany because new national advertising budgets will be triggered by new offers and existing national advertising budgets will be shifted from local/regional toward national radio programs,” said Erwin Linnenbach, CEO of National German Radio.

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The main selection criteria will be based on “broadcasting concept and a broadcaster’s expertise and innovative spirit,” he added.

“Our goal is to combine the remaining slots with Antenne Deutschland’s radio programs to create a diverse, colorful family of attractive content – a mix which is economically powerful and will have a considerable impact on listeners and advertising markets.”