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Fader8 to the Rescue

Cleaning and fader lubrication kit available

As an engineer almost assuredly once said, “Take care of the equipment and the equipment will take care of you.”

Icon Digital USA is importing from Germany Fader8, a console/control surface fader cleaning and lubrication kit. It can also be used for pots and switches (and a whole lot of other electronic goodies like audio equipment, light controllers, electric guitars, etc.).

A release explains, “Fader8 came to be after years of observing how consoles have been cleaned in the past with alcohol and other aggressive cleaning solutions. Fader8 is a tried and tested maintenance kit, along with established maintenance instructions that put an end to aggressive cleaning solutions that shorten the life of faders, pots and switches in a very simple, yet effective way putting life back into the gear!”

The kit includes one 200 ml can of compressed air, one 200 ml can of cleaning solution, three swabs and a microfiber cloth.

Price: $69.99