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Fidelity Issues MegaSeg Pro 6.3

Automation and DJ software gets a raft of improvements

Fidelity Media recently issued an update to its DJ and radio automation software.

The tool is for DJs, streamers, radio stations and hospitality businesses; it is available in DJ and Pro editions starting at $99. The Pro version includes features like automated music scheduling, rules for applying artist separations, video playback and hot keys.

Fidelity said MegaSeg Pro 6.3 provides better performance and reliability. This update introduces new presets for DJ controllers from Pioneer, Denon, Hercules and several other manufacturers. It also adds MIDI map support for setting BPM by tapping, and shift-scrolling to move selected tracks in the queue.

MegaSeg 6.3 Screenshot

The company says this version also has better category browsing, time-to-play in the playlist queue, faster and more accurate search results, and optimized importing, sorting and playlist scheduling.

It also has new keyboard shortcuts; a new option in the metadata “Text Cleaner” feature, enabling the removal of track index numbers from titles; and better removal of file extensions.
“Various search and filtering issues have been addressed, ensuring consistent and accurate search results,” the company continued.

“Radio stations that require network logging can now utilize JSON format over TCP/Telnet connections, and an Insert Break command has been added to the playlist queue’s contextual menu.”

It provided a link to the full list of changes.

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