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Harman Ships dbx 676

Tube-based mic pre/EQ/compressor/limiter available for under $1,000

Harman has announced that shipping is now shipping the dbx 676 tube microphone preamp channel strip. A vacuum tube-based microphone preamplifier, the 676 offers flexible sound-tailoring options to deliver audio quality in recording and live sound applications, the company says.

The dbx 676 uses a high-gain, Class A tube preamp section based around a 12AU7 vacuum tube that can be adjusted to either sound clean or dirty and full of harmonic character. The 676 uses the compressor/limiter design from the dbx162SL along with a three-band parametric EQ. It adds a post-tube attenuation control.

The preamp section also has 48 V phantom power, 20 dB pad, phase reverse and an 80 Hz low-cut filter.

The dbx 676 offers 1/4-inch and XLR inputs and outputs, a front-panel instrument input, a side chain insert and a VU meter. An optional digital output card is available. Price: $999.