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Hum Eliminator Goes XLR

Ebtech now offers eight-channel Hum Eliminator and Line-Level Shifter With XLR jacks in 1 RU

Few things annoy a broadcast engineer more than a ground loop hum in the signal path. The annoyance level multiplies when swapping out the nearest cable does not solve the problem. What to do?

Ebtech’s Hum Eliminator has been a popular product in a lot of audio markets but has never caught on in the broadcast market due to its 1/4-inch connector complement.

So like Reese’s, “Hey, you got chocolate in my peanut butter…” Voilà! An XLR Hum Eliminator!

Ebetch’s new HE-8-XLR is a simple, eight-channel rackmountable box with “Crystal Clear” (the company’s slogan) transformers for cleaning up those pesky 60 Hz (or thereabouts) hums. It’s also available in a two-channel desktop version, HE-2-XLR, for stashing anywhere.