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IBC2018: AEQ NetBox Dante-based IP Audio Routing System

Consists of NetBox RTC application, NetBox 32 AD MX router with mixing capabilities and NetBox DSP router/processor

Spanish manufacturer AEQ is bringing its Dante-based IP audio routing system to Amsterdam for IBC2018.

The system consists of the NetBox RTC application, NetBox 32 AD MX audio router with mixing capabilities and NetBox DSP audio router and processor.

NetBox RTC enables allows NetBox 32 AD MX and NetBox DSP devices to operate as autonomous audio routers with analog, digital and up to 160 AoIP Dante/AES67 inputs and outputs, the company says. The application enable users to mix and distribute audio and create switching basing on macros and salvos, which can be triggered by responding to external commands or automatic scheduling. Control can be distributed among several users and workstations.

NetBox DSP is an audio router and processor with mixing capabilities. It is able to receive audio from the Dante network and return it processed and mixed to be used in other devices. It can process up to 64 audio channels, inlcuding low-pass and high-pass filters, four-band parametric equalizer, compressor, limiter, expander, noise gate and delay. It can also mix and route between 64 and 160 channels.

NetBox 32 AD MX is an audio router with mixing capabilities, AEQ says. It features 16 analog inputs and outputs, eight AES3 dual/stereo and 32 Dante-protocol IP inputs and outputs.

NetBox DSP and NetBox 32 AD MX both feature 16 GPI and 16 GPO that can be transported to other devices through the Dante network.

Additionally, AEQ will show its Systelset+ control terminal for Systel IP and Systel IP16 VoIP phone system engine with Dante connectivity as part of the redesigned Systel IP Talkshow system.

IBC Stand: 8C55