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Inovonics Has New FM Modulation Analyzer With Network Interface

Incorporates IP networking and additional new features

FELTON, California — Inovonics has introduced the new 531N FM Modulation Analyzer with Network Interface, replacing its well-known 531 FM modulation monitor.

The redesigned 531N model has the same look and feel of the original model, but now incorporates IP networking and additional new features. The 531N supports the extended FM range 76 MHz –108.1 MHz in 100 kHz increments along with 110/220VAC power supply for worldwide distribution.

All front-panel functions are now as close as a laptop, tablet or smartphone — including remote audio monitoring of the off-air signal. The dynamic Web Interface now decodes and displays a station’s important RDS data, and offers baseband FFT (spectrum), audio XY (stereophony) and program peak density (loudness) readouts as well.

The Web interface has full SNMP support, and all alarms are integrated with email/SMS dispatch. The 531N remains unique in offering AM noise metering and an AM noise output to help tune a transmitter, the company says.

For information, contact Inovonics in the United States at +1-831-458-0552 or visit