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JetStream Mini Is ‘Next-Generation’ IP-Based Audio Router

Logitek says it makes setup fast and easy

Logitek Electronic Systems Inc. will be at NAB talking about its new JetStream Mini IP Audio Router, which it describes as a next-generation product for IP audio routing and mixing.

In only two fanless rack units, the JetStream Mini provides a 64-channel AoIP user-configurable node with enough DSP capacity for up to 24 faders, powering one-to-four control surfaces.

It includes eight I/O slots accommodating five types of I/O cards (mic preamps, analog stereo line inputs, analog stereo line outputs, digital stereo line inputs with rate conversion, digital stereo line outputs), 12 GPI inputs and 16 GPI outputs. Dual GbE Ethernet ports provide redundant networking. Profanity delay, input metering and mic processing are standard.

JetStream units can detect each other automatically in a network and auto-configure utilizing AutoIP and uPNP. The JetStream also features VLAN tagging, DHCP, DNS, MADCAP, SNMP, mDNS, DIFFSERV, SIP and SDP protocols.

Booth: N7124