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NAB Sneak Peak: Logitek JetLink Adds Simple Management

JetConnect is a manager for JetLink remote audio software

Logitek Audio continues to refine its JetLink audio distribution software. According to the company, the next step is JetConnect, a software manager for JetLink.

Logitek says that the “PC application makes it easy to click and connect to other computers and includes firewall transversal so users can easily access remote computers without the inconvenience of port forwarding. With JetConnect, users set up a master account for their station/company and then assign clients to the account. Clients can have easily-identifiable names such as studio, site name or call letters.”

Once set-up, users can select which sites to use for connection by point and click rather than having to type in IP addresses or assign ports.

JetLink is a cloud-based service requiring a subscription. As a cloud service, however, users can change assignments of computers for JetLink, making the system versatile and more secure. Licenses may be managed either corporate-wide or by market.

JetLink and JetConnect are compatible with AoIP systems.

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Logitek President Tag Borland said, “With JetLink and JetConnect, it’s easier than ever to manage remotes or to set up a backup STL for your station, with full fidelity audio and extremely low latency. We will soon be expanding the abilities of JetConnect even further, and are excited about the opportunities these technologies will bring to the radio market.”

NAB Show Booth: C1633