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NAB Sneak Peek: Belar Enhances Artist Experience

FMHD-1 mod monitor gets AE management tweak

Belar’s well-known FMHD-1 HD Radio-capable modulation monitor is receiving a software update that will allow it to decode and monitor the presence of Artist Experience graphics in the RF stream.

Belar’s new WizWin software will automatically manage bandwidth-heavy image data, while providing broadcasters with a diagnostic tool to monitor the health and status of the Artist Experience data stream. The software recognizes the receipt of Large Object Transmission data encoded in the HD Radio signal, and decodes the image for display on a desktop or laptop workstation in alignment with text-based Program Associated Data such as artist name and song title.

After decoding and processing images, the monitor communicates with the WizWin software to translate the image display on a PC. This ensures that engineers can monitor the presence and proper timing of graphics, and also visualize the full color palette to confirm image quality.

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Belar CEO Mark Grant notes that simple HD Radio receivers such as car radios are not adequate to provide the detailed level of monitoring needed. “Without the built-in diagnostic tools of the modulation monitor, there is no simple and immediate way to understand what is happening if the graphic fails, and the service defaults to a station logo, for example. WizWin provides our customers with a complete solution to decode, process, display and monitor Artist Experience data from virtually any location.”

NAB Show Booth: N7127


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