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New Iqoya IP Codec Available

*Call/LE aimed at making the best of standard connections such as DSL, Wi-Fi or 3G

France-based codec and IP networking equipment maker Digigram has announced a new member of the Iqoya line of IP utility codecs, the Iqoya *Call/LE.

The *Call/LE promises 24-bit, full-duplex operation and an ability to navigate DSL lines and Wi-Fi and 3G wireless routes. It is compatible with other Iqoya models and uses Digigram’s FluidIP technology for solidifying the connection and minimizing problems such as drift and latency.

According to a release, the *Call/LE “offers a symmetric RTP mode that allows for quick and easy setup of full-duplex connections over the Internet but without any challenging NAT issues and with no SIP infrastructure required.”

The unit is small and fanless, consuming only 11 watts, can be placed most anywhere.

According to Philippe Delacroix, CEO of Digigram, the *Call/LE is designed to be quick and simple to set up, easy to operate, and reliable.