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New K Headphones From AKG

Three “affordable” models have 40 mm drivers

Microphone and headphones maker AKG has a new group of “K” headphones available — K52, K72 (shown) and K92. These are aimed at the “affordable” market of working audio professionals.

All models have 40 mm drivers and a closed-back design. AKG says, “The closed-back design features an innovative acoustic chamber, which eliminates audio bleed and preserves privacy, keeping the sound in the ears of even the most mobile listener.”

Other features include replaceable earpads, a 3-meter cable and a 1/4-inch plug adapter. According to AKG specs are: K52 — 18 Hz–20 kHz; K72 — 16 Hz–20 kHz; and K92 — 16 Hz–22 kHz.

Prices: $39.99–$59.99