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Audix A231 Studio Vocal Microphone Launched

The A231 is a large-diaphragm studio vocal microphone intended for studio vocal use

Audix, A231, microphonesAudix has introduced the A231, a large-diaphragm studio vocal microphone intended for use in lead and backing vocals, spoken word and voiceover applications, and acoustic instrument miking.

The A231 features the same gold-plated brass band as found on Audix’s SCX25A instrument mic, but inside the new microphone, there’s a 33 mm true condenser featuring a tensioned diaphragm with gold deposition all the way to its far edges. According to Audix, this produces a diaphragm area approximately 25% larger than that of a typical large-diaphragm condenser mic. Meanwhile, a cardioid pickup pattern offers a predictable proximity effect and exceptional off-axis rejection.

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The capsule feeds circuitry designed for quietness, while an active driven shield is employed in an effort to protect the signal path from interference and capacitive coupling. A specially designed internal shockmount is also used to dampen handling noise, enabling the A231 to be used for both studio and live applications.

The A231 capsule is suspended by the internal shock mount behind a double-woven steel alloy mesh grille and seated in the precision-machined aluminum body. Primarily intended for vocals, voiceover and spoken word, the Audix says that the A231 is designed with an aim to provide power, detail and controllable proximity effect due to its cardioid polar pattern with smooth off-axis response over a wide frequency range.

The A231 can also be used on acoustic instruments, able to handle 140 dB maximum SPL even as the mic itself has a low 12 dBA equivalent noise level, making it appropriate for delicate sources like upright bass and strings. The mic itself offers a 128 dB dynamic range.

The A231 is available now for an MSRP of $949.

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