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Eventide Celebrates the Seven-Second Delay

The company's "50 Years of Gear" blog looks back at this crucial technology for live radio

It’s an all-too-common danger with live radio: A guest or caller gets a bit salty and drops a word (or several words) that could lead to an FCC fine or a suit for slander. Thankfully, a simple audio buffer can provide a seven-second delay — just enough time for the producer or jok to react and spare tender ears.

The latest installment in Eventide’s 50 Years of Gear flashbacks to important moments in the company’s history goes back to 1977 and the Eventide Clockworks BD955 with its big yellow DUMP button before moving forward through time to discuss the company’s advances in digital delay technologies.

Check out “Flashback # 9.2 Dump & Go — The Profanity Delay” to enjoy this celebration of a classic tool for keeping the airwaves clean.

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