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Mackie ProFXv3 Mixers Debut

Redesigned, mixers would be useful for stations with live music and remote ambitions

Mackie, ProFXv3, audio mixersOriginally announced last September, the Mackie ProFXv3 Series of audio mixers made their debut at last month’s NAMM Show.

The half-dozen mixers are intended for use both in live sound settings as well as for home studios, content creators and live streaming.

The new series is based around the six-channel ProFX6v3, 10-channel ProFX10v3, 12-channel ProFX12v3, 16-channel ProFX16v3, 22-channel ProFX22v3, and 30-channel ProFX30v3.

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All the mixers have some features in common, including Mackie’s Onyx mic preamps, GigFX effects engine, 24-bit/192 kHz USB recording and shared design cues. The mixers also come with a variety of software, notably a copy of the Avid Pro Tools|First DAW, as well as the Mackie Musician Collection, a set of 23 Avid plug-ins.

Mackie says that the Onyx mic preamps offer up to 60 dB of gain, while its new GigFX high-resolution effects engine provides 24 effects such as reverbs, delays and more. The mixers feature a built-in USB interface; a dedicated Blend knob that swaps between DAW output and direct latency-free monitoring; single-knob compression; Hi-Z switches and more.

Avid plug-ins provided with the mixers include the 304C compressor and 304E equalizer. In addition, users will also get Waveform OEM DAW software with its DAW Essentials Collection of 16 plug-ins.

The mixers range from $199.99 for the ProFX6v3 up to $1,169.99 for the flagship ProFX30v3.