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Movo Ships Another Microphone

UM300 is a USB microphone with 48 kHz/16-bit capture specs

Movo, UM300, USB microphonesMovo continues its surge into the audio equipment market with another microphone, a versatile USB desktop and smartphone mic, the UM300.

According to Movo, the UM300’s three-capsule array captures 48 kHz/16-bit broadcast quality sound resolution. It offers cardioid and omnidirectional patterns.

A single knob controls gain, headphone level and muting. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and along with Android smartphones.

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Movo CEO Ben Halberstam said, “We noticed the low-quality audio and video that people were experiencing while using their built-in or outdated microphones during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic and wanted to provide better solutions that won’t break the bank.”

At a price of $69.95 it would be easy to stock-up on a few for ENG and remote content production or hand-off to the interns without worrying about losing an “expensive” microphone.

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