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Optimod Trio: Three Processors, One Box

Intended to address the needs of broadcasters in smaller markets

The new Optimod Trio from Orban can be user-configured as AM audio processor, as FM audio processor or alternatively as HD Radio/DAB+/streaming audio processor without the need to download firmware. In the HD Mode, Trio is even suitable for TV audio processing. 

It uses Orban two-band intelligent AGC and five-band compression-limiting. The company describes it as a no-compromise processor that station engineers can travel with and use as a backup processor or full-time main processor. 

It has dual redundant power supplies, optional AoIP support, 2 GB of non-volatile memory for audio storage and playback along with dual Nielsen PPM encoders. Options are via software keys and do not require hardware changes.

“The Optimod Trio is designed to address the needs of smaller broadcast markets that need high-quality, cost-effective processing for a myriad of broadcast platforms without having to have three different devices to do that,” the company says.

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