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Prepping a New Master Antenna for Charm City

This master FM system from ERI is slated for TV Hill Tower in Baltimore

Electronics Research Inc. posted this cool photo on LinkedIn. It shows part of a new master FM antenna that will be installed on the TV Hill Tower in Baltimore.

ERI baltimore master

“The final configuration will include two levels of three-panel elements, each for WIYY, WLIF, WJZ-FM, and WWMX,” the company wrote. The FM channel combiner system is also designed and built by ERI.

The new system was purchased by Hearst and Entercom, and will replace an existing master.

ERI’s Bill Harland told us the project is related to the FCC repack, which is driving modifications to towers around the United States and has had a domino effect on many radio stations.

The pic was taken in one of ERI’s Tuning Buildings. “We have four tuning buildings of various sizes,” Harland said. “They are all skinned with non-metallic materials and wood framing to eliminate reflections. This photo is of only one of the three curtains that make up the entire master FM antenna. This setup is the first step in tuning the array for an optimum match across the FM band.”